FRAMED! for the family

ENROLLMENT is CLOSED. Thank you, Framies!

Hello, friends!

I’ve been sharing a lot of resources with my community over the past week to help you through these challenging times. We need stress reducers and positive ways to focus our energy more than ever right now.

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The things that help me feel the most grounded are connection and creative projects. So even though I wasn’t planning on doing another FRAMED! right now, this seemed like a good time to offer something extra--except this time I want to do it a little differently.

This is FRAMED! for the entire family. This is a very tween and teen friendly course (I’m having Lainey take it!), and I’m putting my teacher hat back on to share a creative experience your entire family can be part of. There are stories playing out in our homes during this historical event that offer a rare opportunity for capturing and preserving, a meaningful creative experience to hold us afloat and keep us productive--and many families now finally have the time to do it.

Photography assignment goals:

  • Spark your creative spirit
  • Connect you with other creatives (and tweens and teens with other tweens and teens!)
  • Give kids and parents a daily photojournalism activity
  • Introduce you to the JOY and FUN in photographic storytelling
  • Teach creative composition strategies and basic photo and video editing
  • Reduce stress at home
  • Shift perspective
  • Ease cabin fever
  • Capture this historical event in our world

This course is closed for enrollment.

Join Kelle, her team, and a community of supportive individuals for 8 days of creative expression and photography basics that the whole family can enjoy! FRAMED! for the Family is geared toward tweens and teens, but anyone can participate who wants a fun, inspiring, family-friendly experience at home. 

Each day you will receive a new photography project presented both in written and video form. The assignments will include instruction, discussion, and sharing. This is a course for individuals at all levels. You can take part using your phone or DSLR camera. And there is no rush—you will always have access to the program materials. 

A couple special aspects of this version of FRAMED!

  • Your whole family can share ONE enrollment in the course—we want to make this as manageable as possible! We want this to be affordable for multiple kids. Family of 6? You only need one purchase.

  • Fifty percent of profits go to the team that helps me get FRAMED! into the world. We are all working-from-home-mamas who are supporting each other's small businesses! (We even have one team member with a spouse on the front line in US hospitals!)

Assignments will include:

  1. Filming, editing, and adding music to your own mini-movie 
  2. Using illumination to create a moody and magical scene (night time photos)
  3. Creating Instagrammable flat-lay collections that tell the story of who you are
  4. Capturing a creative self-portrait that will boost self-love 
  5. Using light and positioning to up your photography game
  6. Utilizing different perspectives to turn a photo from blah to BAM! 
  7. Composing photos using negative space to create masterpieces you’ll want hanging on your walls
  8. Seeing the wonder of the world inside your home by focusing on close-up details

This course is closed for enrollment.

Here's what you will gain access to...

  • All live elements of the course are recorded and accessible anytime! You can do this course at your own pace and revisit it again and again after the live portion has ended.
  • Each assignment is preceded by guidance and inspiration on photography concepts that will expand the way you creatively compose photos.
  • 8 creative photography assignments that will ignite your passion for photography and tap into the ways this creative practice fills your inner well.
  • Kickoff podcast with Kelle and Corinne
  • Community on Mighty Network (MN) full of daily conversation and feedback from fellow students, Kelle, and her team (not on Facebook)—great safe place for teens and tweens to connect!
  • Live Office Hours in the MN Community with Kelle and her team
  • A Resource PDF full of ideas, tips, resources and inspiration compiled from all the FRAMED! courses over the past two years.
  • Instant access to 19 video tutorials on photography and editing for phone and DSLR (this alone is worth the cost of the course!)

Frequently Asked Questions:

When does the course start and finish?

The live portion of the course runs from March 26 - April 2. You will continue to have access to the materials after the course ends.

Is there a community element to the course?

Yes! We're running an active community on Mighty Networks. You'll have a chance to connect with fellow students, Kelle, and team on a daily basis during the live portion of the course!

Do I need a DSLR camera?

It's up to you! This course can be done with a phone camera, a DSLR or a combination of the two! While this course does not provide specific technical support for how to use a DSLR camera, the exercises involved are applicable to both DSLR and phone photography. 

What if I can't do the live portion?

No problem! We all have busy schedules and I made this course to work live or self-paced study. All live elements will be recorded and available to you at any time.

What is the refund policy? Much of the course is available online as soon as you purchase Therefore, refunds are not offered. If there are any unforeseen circumstances that alter the course, you will always receive what was promised in a timely manner. Thank you!

What past FRAMED! students are saying...

Sign up! No matter your level... you will see all sorts of inspirations for techniques and ideas for pictures! You will learn.. you will get excited about photography.. and you will have great resources to refer back to!

It is so worth it. I loved the community feel and all the support received 

FRAMED got me to pick up my camera again and actually use it in different creative ways. When I first turned it on after the first assignment was sent out I scrolled back and was shocked that the last time I took a picture was on Christmas Day almost 2 months earlier. The class encouraged me to see past my mundane and take pictures of the regular in a different way. My kids were excited to see what I did through the day and enjoyed all the pictures. 

I had no photography experience before starting this course. I have taken pictures on regular cameras but solely use my cell phone now. I’ve never really been thrilled with my photos, but keep taking them to continue to collect the memories. After taking this course I am definitely walking away with a stronger understanding of how to capture with good light and how to notice creative new images I wouldn’t have considered before. I’m not waiting for that “perfect picture” any more. I’m not interrupting the flow saying, “Look at the camera, look here!” I have a long way to go on my photography journey if I’d like to start capturing on my regular camera, but I am very happy with what I gained from this course in a short amount of time. It was fun to be a part of a community and share with others and see what creativity they shared as well. Thank you very much. 

I've taken photography classes in the past that were focused on ONLY the technical aspects of the craft. I LOVED Kelle's creative suggestions, assignments, and examples. It really got me looking at things differently and I expect that to extend beyond the ten days of this course.

100% worth the $$!! I felt overwhelmed at first as a beginner, but quickly realized that was just part of the learning process. Loved, loved, loved it!

Just do it! I almost enrolled so many times but didn’t because I was scared. You don’t have to be a photographer or have a huge following on Instagram. There are so many helpful tips and tricks that will make your photos more beautiful no matter where you are posting them or who you are posting for. 

I would encourage anyone who is interested in looking at photography from a creative angle to take this course. Kelle gives a lot of good information, instruction and examples for creating not just good photographs, but also interesting pictures. I’ve taken the course twice now and I feel like I learned a lot each time. The community is both encouraging and inspiring.  

This was such a fun thing to do and really made me think more creatively about the world around me! Taking this course was an amazing way to reignite my creativity and I loved the FRAMED! Community!

I love how this course was about opening your creative senses. Although it does include helpful videos for editing, the focus was not on the technical aspect of photography but the creative. Which was exactly what I needed to start capturing beautiful moments and ‘things’ again. Kelle is so good about teaching you that beauty is everywhere, even outside of photos of just your kids. I would recommend FRAMED! to anyone as a form of self-care for your creative self. 

I love how Framed isn’t about the technical stuff (although Kelle will certainly answer any questions about that if you have them) but it’s about seeing your world from the viewpoint of a photographer. I got a fancy new camera for my birthday and I have been so afraid to use it because “I don’t know what I’m doing.” But with Kelle’s assignments, I was running around trying ideas, taking terrible photos with no fear and aha! I suddenly would have a good shot, sometimes a great one. 

Instruction was engaging. Assignments were fun and encouraged me to look at things in a new or different way! It was a “safe” learning environment (everyone was snarkiasses;)

I would highly recommend it! Each time I’ve taken the course I’ve become more confident in my photography. I notice new, unique possibilities for my pictures. I look at the world differently. Taking and posting my self portrait was worth the cost of the course by itself! Thanks!

This course is closed for enrollment.