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10-Day Online Photography Course with Kelle Hampton

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At the end of the summer, do you ever look back and wonder where the time went? Do you feel like the memories are blurry and lost in the rush of travel, summer camps, playdates, BBQs, and sandy toes? Sometimes we forget how much we actually fit into the long days of summer because we didn't know how to capture the moments while also staying present within them. That's why I am doing a 10-day FRAMED! Once Upon A Summer online course. I want to show you how I capture and preserve one of my favorite times of year.

Over the course of 10 days (June 3rd - 12th) we will...

- Re-ignite your excitement and confidence with your camera (phone or DSLR!)

- Come together during three live calls to review the latest assignments and answer your questions (recordings will be sent out to everyone in the course).

- Share photo assignments on our private discussion board and on Instagram.

- Learn special photography tips for summer-inspired shots that will capture the spirit of this time.

- Learn how to create a video montage set to music (these are priceless and I do them every year!).

- Cover 4 key techniques for summertime photography

You will also receive access to my video library, which is packed with how-to videos that cover photography basics (18 video tutorials!)

I hope that you'll join me for this online course. It will be the only online course I offer before Fall 2019. It is such a joy connecting with you through our shared love of photography and celebrating life's ordinary and magical moments.

Some things past students have shared...

"While Framed taught me a lot about the art of taking photos, what I appreciate even more was what it taught me about seeing and appreciating moments in my life. I noticed how the habitual and mundane - helping kids get dressed in the morning, walking to my car after work, organizing my desk - suddenly took on a sacredness when I had an eye for the beautiful, whimsical, or striking. I see things differently, which makes me feel and appreciate things differently, and it's impossible not to internalize some of Kelle's joyfulness about parenthood, celebrations, and the small things, too."


"Framed! is for everyone who has ever picked up a camera and then immediately put it down because you were sure you weren't as good as everyone else, didn't know the 'right' way to use it or any other internal dialogue telling you why you aren't the photographer that you always thought you could be. Framed! is more than insight and instruction (which is amazing), but also instant immersion in a community that is not only inspiring in its own right but also filled with women ready to cheer you on your journey."

- Diana

"I have dabbled in photography for a while now, but lost my creativity along the way. Thanks to you, I am excited to pick up my camera again, I am reminded to look at things in a different way and learned that through my photos, I can choose what story I want to tell. The live chats were my favorite - it's so fun to see everyone in their own lives showing up for the same goal. I already know I'll be back for another round of FRAMED!"

- Jenna

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Kelle Hampton
Kelle Hampton

Kelle Hampton is the Author of New York Times Best Selling Memoir Bloom, Blogger for Enjoying the Small Things, Photographer, Wife, and Mom of three.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The live 10-day course starts on June 3rd, 2019!
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
Refunds are only available before the first day of the live course.

“Thank YOU for offering such a great and creative space for all of us! I LOVED Framed, and have gotten so many compliments about my photos since taking the course! I've always loved photography, but felt like I needed a fancy camera to really "do it". And now, I have let go of those crazy doubts and find myself taking photos of everything and anything that looks interesting or tells a story (with just my phone!). The course has opened up some flood gates of creativity and I just love playing with my photos!”

- Beth

"Photography has become a unique creative outlet for me, whereas before it was mostly just a logical way to document life. The encouraging community in the course also made it really special. People were quick to chime in with positive words, ideas, and answers to questions. I would absolutely take a follow up Framed course. Thanks for all of your hard work! I’ve taken several of your courses, and always feel like a better version of myself once the course is over!

- Samantha

“I gained so much more from the Framed course than I ever anticipated, I believe that this is due to the fact that the course is so well structured. Throughout the course Kelle provides instructional videos an explanations about certain elements of composition & editing then sends you out to try it for yourself and sharing with the group what you have created - this was wonderful as I gained so much inspiration from the other participants too and it really kept the enthusiasm running. I believe that Kelle's kind nature attracts wonderfully kind people to join these groups as honestly I could not have imagined so many supportive people on an online course - and this was not a fluke as I have completed the course twice now! This course gave me the final boost of confidence and knowledge I needed to open my own photography business. I had so much fun & will forever be grateful to Kelle and Corinne.”


"This course reinvigorated the eye for photos, and gave me confidence that my kids don't have to always be the main subjects anymore. To shoot more candid photos that they wouldn't mind me taking. Memories are worth keeping, and this class helped to get me out of a rut.

- Jennifer

"I learned so much with Framed! I am what I would call “beyond a beginner” and each week I couldn’t believe how simple little things Kelle and Corinne would talk about in the course would instantly improve my photos and how I take photos. After week two, I was shopping for a DSLR camera because I was so excited. I had never thought I should get a nice camera because I didn’t have the “photography gift.” I am still taking pics with my phone, but that Canon Rebel is staring at me in my Amazon cart. Many of my friends and family have noticed a difference in my photos, too. I can’t wait to take the next Kelle class- whatever it is!"

- Carly

"I have taken pictures for years - primarily professionally. I know how to capture the planned moments well, the weddings, the parties, the family sessions, the occasions in life that are prime photo ops came second nature to me. But I was missing the ordinary magic of my own life, the every day moments - especially with my own kids. I couldn't capture the extraordinary in the ordinary well, that is, until FRAMED. FRAMED helped me to see the familiar in a whole new way. The course sparked in me the ability to capture the things I saw through my camera the way my heart had always seen them. I'm so grateful!"

- Katie

This course is closed for enrollment.