Once Upon A Holiday

A printable PDF that will fill your festivities with love, magic, and memories

Kelle Hampton's Once Upon A Holiday


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It’s time for holiday magic...

The last two months of the year have always been my favorite. I always say if a calendar year was a Monopoly board, November and December would be Park Place and Boardwalk--prime real estate for all the memories and special moments. Maybe it’s because we squeeze the most out of the year when we feel it ending. But for my celebration-loving heart, so much of my love for these last two months lies in the holidays and their invitation for joy--gatherings and traditions, making and baking, music and lights and moments and memories.

I am delighted and inspired by the holidays but know that this season can also bring feelings of stress and inadequacy--hustling, falling behind, saying yes to too many things we don’t want to do and not having time for things we do. How can we maximize the joy of the holidays while alleviating the pressure?

I created this PDF hoping to do just that. It’s a smorgasbord of joy, full of my favorite holiday delights--more activities, recipes, crafts, printables, traditions and memory-making how-to’s than you could fit into one season--meant for you to use however you see fit. Less overwhelm, more simple joy and treasured moments with your family and friends this season. No matter what you celebrate, the end of the year is for savoring. I cannot wait to share my holiday favorites and all the delights of these last two months with you!

Here’s what I have in store for you…

Including all NEW...

  • 2019 Holiday Bucket List (illustrated printable checklist)
  • 2019 Holiday Bucket List Passport (illustrated printable sticker template with 60 simple holiday bucket list activities + passport cover printable)


Infuse your home with all the holiday feels with...

  • My favorite holiday cocktails & mocktails
  • Favorite family recipes for gatherings
  • Setting a magical kids table
  • Holiday entertaining & decorating ideas
  • Tips for capturing memorable holiday photos
  • Unique ideas for holiday traditions
  • Kids North Pole Party ideas and printables
  • My favorite holiday children’s books
  • Simple and memorable advent ideas
  • My guide to must-see holiday movies
  • Meaningful conversation starters for gatherings
  • Holiday trivia and games


Timeless and fun-filled crafts and gift ideas

  • Ornaments and gifts that are perfect for parties and gatherings and yet simple to make
  • More photos, illustrations and joy to inspire community, contentment and creativity this season.

I’ve poured my holiday-loving heart into this PDF and have had so much fun compiling my favorite holiday joys and creative inspiration into something I can share with you.

Much Love,


Your Instructor

Kelle Hampton
Kelle Hampton

Kelle Hampton is the Author of New York Times Best Selling Memoir Bloom, Blogger for Enjoying the Small Things, Photographer, Wife, and Mom of three.

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